Strand Lighting

Strand Lighting Human Resources Keeps Score

Strand Lighting installed the Human Resources Policy of the "Point System" to apply to the employees. Being late to work because of an accident on the San Diego Freeway was 1 Point, missing a day's work because of the flu was 5 Points. When an employee accumulated 25 Points she would then be Terminated. This was a "No Fault" system and would apply to all of the employees, so that it appear to be a fair policy.


Joshua wrote Strand Lighting's president a letter using his coworker Wally Yuan as an example as he had two preschool sons and a baby daughter. When they needed Medical Care he would have to take time off from work to drive them to the doctor's office and to interpret for his wife who spoke only Chinese.


Joshua further explained that Strand's employees would be reluctant to go to the doctor because they would accumulate Points so they would come to work sick, and as they were constantly handling parts, spread their illness to their fellow employees.



Joshua ben Joseph did not receive a reply to his letter to the president of Strand Lighting.

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