Joshua's Last Day

It was late in the afternoon on a Friday at Strand Lighting, 1118 South Sante Fe Avenue, Compton, California. Everbody was working as fast as they could to finish their projects because, as usual the components they needed arrived at the last minute.

Mike Mena the foreman walked up to Joshua's workbench and asked him "Will your project ship to the customer today?" Joshua replied "No, it won't be complete today because there are parts missing."

Mike Mena said "Come with me" and led Joshua to the executive offices past all the other Strand Lighting workers, some whom did not have questioning expressions on their faces.

In the executive office the president of Strand Lighting told Joshua that some employees said that he had an AK47 in his toolbox and had threatened to "Wipe everybody out."

Joshua Ben Joseph was stunned. The manager then told him that he was terminated and he left the building without returning to his department or speaking to his fellow employees.

A week later a courier delivered his toolbox to his apartment. The message "Don't come back to Strand Lighting." The career and the company he had worked so hard for for so many years (he had worked there for sixteen years) was now gone, his job occupied by a friend of the forman, Mike Mena.

As Joshua Ben Joseph would later apply for one job after another he could not use Strand Lighting as an employment reference (he had worked there for sixteen years) because of the unfair (and  untruthful) way that he was fired.


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