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The insurance company required Strand Lighting, Compton, California to have an employee safety committee that would meet with the Human Resources manager. Also required was an employee that would make a Safety Survey of all the departments.



Thus was Jose Salvador equipped with a clipboard walking from each department checking his list and writing notes. Jordan Filipino and Orly Filipino were working in the Light Palette, Strand Lighting's premier theater lighting control console, department where six of the consoles were protruding into the main walking asile. Jose was making his notation of this on his clipboard, making sure that Jordon saw him.



Jordan was placed in that department because he was being paid a much lower pay rate than the other employees that did that level of complexity of work. Jordan had figured that out and asked to be classified at the higher paid rate. The Human Resources manager asked Joshua ben Joseph if Jordan could do the higher paid job and he said yes as he was always encouraging the other employees.



Jordan Filipino's Light Palette department was mentioned about having six consoles in the main aisle and Jose Salavador was working there during the end of the period rush to ship. Orly Filipino made-up an arguement about the work with Jose Salavador and Jordan reported that to the Plant Manager and Jose was fired. Joshua ben Joseph was dismayed that Jordan did that to Jose.



Joshua always said: "Let's act like brothers and sisters."

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